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The Palladium // Worcester MA // 4/15/14
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Made this for a school project, I really like the way it turned out. (:

Anonymous asked: if a girl is that fuckin beautiful and mind bobbling, you go after her. girls that pretty just need to kno you mean it because of all us assholes tell every one the same bull. shouldv kissed her bro.

dude i know when and when not. its over. im just gonna walk away from it. yeah i know stuff could happen and maybe something could happen, but i dont want to. its over. plain and simple. 

  -  12 April

Anonymous asked: you shouldv kissed your ex last night at that concert. I was there, I think she was looking around for u.

I know she saw me because I looked right at her.. It’s time to move on for me though. We both got hurt and after hearing Ive Given Up On You and crying with my friend I know it’s okay to move on.


yo so everything has been goin pretty sweet lately and its super tight. the wonder years concert is on friday and today my dad let me invite a friend and now i got a qt goin with me. ayy. my ex is gonna be there too and im tryin to figure out how im gonna feel about it. i mean ive been doin pretty well and havent thought of her in a couple of weeks. im proud of myself actually tbh. my school work has been pretty sweet too, and my friends havent been better in a long time. life is good dude. i have had a couple of withdrawal feelins these last couple f days and I think I needa slow down and da stuff and just take a cool down day, but other than that everything is sweet. 

  -  9 April

Real Friends by kellymason on Flickr.
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The Weekend // Modern Baseball

Real Friends // Soundwave Perth 2014